by Lydia Ooghe

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I will be updating this album periodically. Check back for more!

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released May 22, 2014


all rights reserved



Lydia Ooghe Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: My Tongue (Rhapsody in Twee)
My tongue is stuck to the roof of my mouth
just in case you have any doubt
this is perfectly acceptable indie pop
you can play to convey the right vibe in your shop
glottal stop glottal stop
glottal sto-o-o-op

My lips are puckered up in a pout
and there's not so much I'm singing about
but people wait patiently for the part
of the song when I say the word heart
like an artisanal fart

When people ask the lady at the register
who I am she can say, "I'm not really sure
this is just the pandora station that we play.
Did you know there's a sale on feather earrings today?"
What do they do with the birds
all those feathers come from, anyway?
Are they
just the chickens that we eat
or do they farm them espe-cia-lly?

I play a uke an uku-le-le
it's a lot of cute for how little it weighs
and you're not supposed to take me too seriously
I'm the musical equivalent of peppermint tea
caffeine free
Stevia sweetened peppermint tea
caffeine free
Stevia sweetened peppermint tea

La la ah la oh la la la la…
Track Name: Alaska, Bitch! (Breaking Bad Tribute)
Out of the red van
onto a plane
where'd that weed go?
who can explain?

The only blue is the great big sky...

Goodbye to
now it's just you
in your igloo
Brock will remember
you were so nice
while you're fishing fishies
from holes in the ice

The only blue is the great big sky
the only white is the snow
Pinkman, you're in Alaska now, bitch
so be an Eskimo

Yo, yo, bitch, yo
you're not really the bad guy, oh, no
come on, Jesse and let it go
just be an Eskimo

Fuck him and his hat, son
roll yourself a fat one
now you've retired
and you've fired your last gun
Skinny and Badger
they'll get along
and you'll have the penguins
for laughs from now on

(Well, maybe not penguins
but, like, puffins or whatever)

The only blue is the great big sky
(Captain Cook is on furlough)
the only white is the snow
Pinkman, you're in Alaska now, bitch
(Mike would have wanted it so)
so be an Eskimo

Yo, yo bitch, yo
just start over like Rewindo
you could open Los Seals Hermanos
you know you got the dough
Yo, yo, yo, bitch, yo
relax and go with the ice floe
smoke one up for Jane and Combo
just be an Eskimo
Track Name: Forgive Bobo
Bobo rushes in
all arms, legs and grins
it goes badly

Bobo means no harm
but folks get alarmed

Bobo tries to help
you out, oops, oh, well
Bobo's sorry

You know that you love
can't get enough of
your old pal.