Each One a Creature (Demo)

by Lydia Ooghe

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Each One a Creature

Fin, feather, vessel and vein
twig, tendon, chamber and brain
lungs, lashes, branches and wings
hold me together, forever in swing

Bone, stamen, talon and scale
vibrissae, petal, antennae and tail
ventricles, tentacles, multiple cells
hold me together but split me as well

Split me to pieces that tingle and sting
harden and conquer, soften and spring
ripple away from each other and ring
each one a creature with a song to sing.

This is the demo for a full-length album of character songs about plants and animals to be developed into a series of animated videos for children of all ages. New songs coming soon.


released May 22, 2014


all rights reserved



Lydia Ooghe Los Angeles, California

If you're having technical difficulties, please email me at lydia@lydiaooghe.com.

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Track Name: One Anemone
Crushed to your shell
into the shallow end we fell
isn't it elegant we've
got these bodies?

Warm in a braid
and between us, the whole parade

It's gonna take a lot of love...

Rush, rush and foam
from the balconies overgrown
we're coming home like horses
forest shore us

Isn't it elegant we've
got these bodies?
A band of them,
one anemone
Track Name: Hungry Like You

They call me sailor, don’t quite know why
no ship, no sail, no flag to fly
red sky in the morning is just a sky
I’m kind of shy

My shell’s a spiral, I’m told it’s gold
nearly perfection to behold
it’s only the room that unfolds, unfolds
as I grow old

Folks all over the world call me
a miracle of mathematical beauty
but if you’re ever meditating on me
look beyond the symmetry
I’m a creature, can’t you see
simply seeking pleasure, me, immeasurably
hungry like you, baby

I drift, I roll and sometimes I glide
I bounce along, I bank and dive
I move how I must move to stay alive
from tide to tide

Folks all over the world believe
you can see the universe uncurl in me
heaven ever swelling elegantly
but I’m an animal like thee
breathing cause it needs to breathe
in between the mystery and the geometry
hungry like you baby

I grow and grow, the walls follow
exploding slow and lo, behold
a chamber greater than the one before
in time, in time as I unwind
I find it will not bind me
it becomes the one I leave behind me

Folks all over the world agree
Mother Nature made me very fair to see
so paint me, put in your poetry
but inside I’m just a freak
a monster of the dark and deep
brave and stupid, wise and weird
and mighty and weak
hungry like you, baby

Funny like you, babe
frightened like you, babe
hungry like you, baby

Sleeping like you, babe
waking like you, babe
hungry like you, baby

Living like you, babe
dying like you, babe
hungry like you, baby
Track Name: Topsy
It's twenty-eight years
twenty eight years in the ring
no more swing
I'm holding my ears to the wind
no more spin

I stood on two feet
on two feet like a good girl
no more twirl
out here in the street
I'll stand on bricks
no more tricks

Abul-abbas, all I know
is those old bones
sleeping so
sound on the ground
though I may
be far away

Abul-abbas, all that
I feel is the tall grass
don't you fret
I forget
better and better
every day

Goodbye to their gloves
to their gloves and hands
no more dance
they are gonna play
rough with me now
no more bow

Abul-abbas, all I know
is those old bones
sleeping so
sound on the ground
though I'm far away
Abul-abbas, I'm dreaming
of those old bones
I never been
there but in
very good time
I'll go to stay

Let them burn me like an ember
who will remember them?